[Kroger Feed]: Kroger Ess Schedule @ Feed.Kroger (Greatpeople.me)

Feed.Kroger ro Greatpeople.me online is an employee login website. Kroger Employees use this platform to check their Kroger Ess Schedule or Kroger Work Schedule.

Feed.Kroger Login is very easy to access. Furthermore, you can perform several tasks using Greatpeople.me Employee Login as well. Some of them will be mentioned in the content.

But for now, you need to know the login steps for Feed.Kroger Employee Login to check your Kroger Eschedule.

So, then login steps for Greatpeople.me or Feed.Kroger Login is pretty simple. But before you get on with the login steps, you should know that you will be needing some important things while performing the Kroger Feed Login. We have given a list of things that you will need to access the Kroger Employee Login at Feed.Kroger.com.

Greatpeople.me: Login Requirements

The list of requirements for the Feed.Kroger Login is very simple. But you need to make sure that you are following all the steps mentioned in the list to access the Kroger Feed Portal successfully.


  • Now the first things you should do is to contact your Kroger Store Manager
  • You will need to ask him for the login credentials of the Feed.Kroger Login
  • After you have received your Kroger EUID and Password you will need a mobile device
  • Furthermore, you need to connect your device with an active internet connection
  • Moreover, you will need to have a valid URL to the Kroger Greatpeople.me Login
  • https://feed.kroger.com

What Is Kroger EUID?

Kroger EUID is the Enterprise User ID. It is given to Kroger Employees by their Kroger Store Manager. They need to use the Kroger EUID as a username for the Feed.Kroger or Greatpeople.me Login. Furthermore, in case you have forgotten your Kroger EUID, you can contact your Kroger Store Manager to solve this issue.

Feed.Kroger: Rules For Login

After you are done with the requirements, you will need to go through the rules for Greatpeople.me Employee Login. Which seems really simple. But you need to make sure to follow them. Otherwise, you will not be able to access Kroger Feed Login successfully. So, the list of rules to access the Feed.Kroger.com website is given below.


  • You should be a Kroger Co. or its Subsidiaries Employee to perform the Kroger Employee Login
  • Furthermore, all your login credentials should be valid to get access to Feed.Kroger Login
  • Moreover, you need to make sure that you are not using any VPN while accessing the Feed.Kroge.com website
  • Because if you do, you will get blocked, and will not be able to access Greatpeople.me Login.
  • More so, you should keep your login details to yourself to keep all your information safe

Feed.Kroger Or Greatpeople.me: How To Login At?

After you have followed both the lists of rules and requirements for the Kroger Feed Login, you can now perform the Feed.Kroger Login steps. The login steps are given below.


  • On the homepage of the website, you will need your login details
  • Now enter your Kroger EUID and Password in the specified spaces
  • Furthermore, agree with the terms and conditions for the login
  • Moreover, click the “I AGREE” button to complete the process
  • And you will access the Feed.Kroger portal successfully

What Is Kroger Ess Scheudule or Kroger Eschedule?

Kroger Eschedule or Kroger Ess Schedule online is a work schedule. It is an online work plan assigned to every Kroger Employee. They can access the Feed.Kroger.com My Eschedule online at the Feed.Kroger.com website. Also, Kroger Ess Schedule is updated every day with the latest tasks for Kroger Employees. So if you want to access Kroger Work Schedule online then you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

Kroger Ess Schedule: How To Check?

To check your Kroger Eschedule online, you will need to follow the simple steps mentioned below.


  • First of all, you will need to perform the Kroger Feed or Greatpeople.me Login
  • By doing that you will access the Feed.Kroger Portal
  • There you will see a button “MY E-Plan” right beside the “Store-Updates” button
  • You need to click that button to access your Kroger Ess Schedule Online successfully

Feed.Kroger Login: What Are Benefits?

After you have logged into your Kroger Feed Account you will get the following benefits.


Check Feed.Kroger Eschedule

You can check your https //feed.kroger.com Schedule online at Feed.Kroger Login. Furthermore, you will see all your tasks easily online in your Kroger Eschedule because the website gets updated every day.

Stay Updated

By using the Kroger Feed Login you will stay updated with the latest News about Kroger. And you will know what is going on in the company as well. Furthermore, you will also know the employee updated as well at Feed.Kroger or Greatpeple.me Login.

Apply Changes

By using the Greatpeople.me Login at Feed.Kroger.com, you can also apply changes to your profile. Such as you can edit or change your personal as well as job-related information. Moreover, you can also change your residential address if required. Furthermore, you can add or update the Emergency Contact Number as well.

Apply For Leave

Feed.Kroger Login allows Kroger Employee to apply for leave. But in case you need one, you should know that you will have to apply for it 3 to 4 days in advance. More so, you can also have vacations using the Kroger Employee Login.

Kroger W2 & Direct Deposit

You can also get your Kroger W2 Form online at Kroger Feed Employee Login. Furthermore, you can also perform the Direct Deposit as well, using the Kroger Employee Login at Feed.kroger.com. More so, you will not have to go outside for the Direct Deposit at all. But you will be requested to wait for about 2 weeks to get your Direct Deposit.

Check Your PayStubs

You can also check your Kroger Pay Stubs online at Feed.Kroger.com. And remember that your paystubs will be available every Wednesday of the week. So make sure to log in at Kroger Feed Login, and check your Kroger Pay Stubs every Wednesday online.

How To Take A Day Off At Kroger Online?

Follow the steps mentioned below to take a day off from Kroger online.


  • First, you need to perform the Kroger Feed login
  • For that, you need to follow the instructions mentioned above
  • Then after you have logged in, you need to look for the “request leave” option
  • Or something else similar to that, and click that option
  • Then you will see the application form to apply, online
  • Fill the form and submit it to take a day off at Kroger, online

How To Change My Direct Deposit For Kroger?

If you want to change your Direct Deposit for Kroger then dial 1-800-952-8889. After the computerized prompt, you need to dial 47. And one more thing, you need to use your Kroger Work Computer while doing this process. It will help the call operator to male you go through the steps easily.


That is all with Feed.Kroger or Greatpeople.me Login. If you have any questions related to Kroger Feed, Kroger Ess Schedule, Kroger Eschedule, Feed.Kroger.com, or Kroger EUID, then make sure to enter them in the comment section below. We will try our best to help you solve them. But other than that, thanks for looking into our website and keep visiting to see the latest updates.

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