PenTeleData Webmail- How to Log in?

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In this post, you will know about

  • Overview as a company.
  • Login guide to PenTeleData Webmail.
  • Registration procedure at Webmail.
  • Some information about storage.
  • Recovering the lost password.
  • Contact details of the help center.

What is PenTeleData?

If you have no idea about Webmail of penTeleData then you might not know about PenTeleData Company.

It is a company providing internet services, videos, and related data. It is located in Jersey.

This Webmail is a web-based mailing service present in around 17 countries. The Webmail is a personal and business usage email client. It can be used to handle emails at any place. The webmail will work fine with any of the internet connection.

PenTeleData Logo

How to Login to PenTeledata Webmail?

If you are confused and don’t know about logging in to this webmail then we have a solution for you. We have summed up a complete login guide which is as below:

  • First of all open from your preferred browser.
  • As you enter to a new page, you will see a bar with an option of ‘Sign in’.
  • Click that button.
  • A new form will appear.
  • Enter your name and password.
  • You will be then signed in if you are a registered user.

How to register as a new user?

If you are not a user of webmail at Penteledata then you have to first make an account. Don’t know how to? It is fine as I will help you. So here are the simple steps:

  • Go to your browser and type web address
  • A page will appear.
  • Look for the ‘Register’ button.
  • Hit that button.
  • A form will appear asking for the information and your details.
  • Fill them keenly.
  • Hit on the ‘register’ button.
  • You are now a registered user.

What is the storage space of PenTeleData Webmail?

Do not worry about the space PenTeleData webmail has a lot of storage space. If you run out of your disc storage space then an additional 5GB storage will be assigned to you.

If you run out of all of the spaces then the emails will be sent back to the sender.

Don’t worry there is enough space for your data!

How to recover PenTeleData Webmail Password?

Lost password? Nothing to worry about. Follow this procedure to recover it.

  • Firstly click here.
  • Sign in to your Webmail account.
  • A bar is shown with the ‘change password’ icon.
  • Change the password.
  • Login with the new password.

Advanced Search Options

Using PenTeleData Webmail you can opt some advanced search options from the dropdown menu. Click those desired options and enjoy the advanced search.

Contact Details

  • Phone Number: 1-800-281-3564
  • Fax: 1-610-826-2751
  • Email:
  • Website of help center:

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