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Taco Bell- Marvelous History

Good actions make marvelous history. History is not just a word its an effort, a devotion.

Many people tried to open the restaurants but failed. Even the successful brands came, made money for sometime and disappeared.

History Of Taco Bell:

Have you ever thought about the history of Taco Bell before that what is the reason behind Taco Bell becoming so much successful? Was it so much prospered since first day?

Many of you are thinking that this started as a very big brand like other restaurants. To your astonishment you are thinking wrong. Taco Bell history is not as much fortune as you think.

Founder Of Taco Bell:

It all started with the efforts of 25 years old boy who owned a hot dog stand. His name was Glen Bell. He called his stand as Bell’s Drive-In in California in 1948.

In 1950 he opened Bell’s hamburgers and hot dogs.

Locations and Franchises:

This Mexican-inspired fast food chain has

  • 7000 locations.
  • 350 franchises.
  • 6604 outlets.
  • 3700 restaurants.

Multi-billion Dollars Business:

Looking into the previous history of Taco Bell no one has ever thought that a small stand can turn into a multi-billion Dollar business.

It was just a small kitchen with no proper seating, a clay roof, some table chairs and a large bell.

The restaurant was named after Glen Bell.

Era of 1952:

In early 1952 Glen Bell opened a Hard Tacos stand naming Taco-Tia. This stand was an inspiration from Mexican restaurant  “Mitla Cafe”.

He dined there for two years just to get the recipe. Then he opened four more taco stands.

Between 1954-1955:

In this time period things started to get better. Glen Bell opened three restaurants selling tacos just for 19 cent.

This is time from where Glen started towards making history.

Era of 1962:

1962 was the time when Glen Bell opened first Taco Bell outlet in Downey. Further he built  eight more outlets during this time.

Era of 1964:

In 1964 a policeman purchased first franchise of Taco Bell in Los Angeles. It can be also said that culture of franchising started in 1964.

Era of 1965:

Glen Bell in 1965 recruited McKay as general manager of the company to help Taco Bell in franchising.

Era of 1967-70:

These years served as actual land-mark in history of Taco bell. In 1967 100 more stores opened and in 1970 the company became public and opened in 325 locations.

Waooo! Now this is called success.

1997- present:

In 1997 Taco Bell was purchased by Global Restaurants.

Today Taco Bell is in 6000 locations and in 21 countries.

Its name changed to Yum!Brands,inc in 2002.

In Nutshell:

In nutshell, efforts define success. Taco bell is a real time example of glory which became a master piece just by consistent struggle.

From a small stand to one of the largest fast-food chain Taco Bell is versatility and innovation.

To know about more history you can go to www.tacobell.com

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